Saturday, March 29, 2008

How To Needle Felt A Wool Bead

Hello all, I thought I would make a post about how I make a wool bead :) First I will start off saying that I am awful at taking pictures, so I will add new ones when my hubby can take them, but for now these will have to do :)

First I start off with some wonderful wool roving, This one pictured is from a wonderful fiber artist on TheArtsatEaglesFind, she has a wonderful quality wool that is so very nice for felting. I will feature more fiber on my blog soon!!!

Next a pull a little bit of the roving off. I use a thin section that is about 22 inches long, that I then bend in half with the two ends touching.

Next I take the piece of doubled wool roving and roll it between my hands, like you would when playing with clay to make a long rod. This felts the wool too, and makes it a little easier to work with.

Now I like to lie a felted wool sweater onto the table, so that I have a large surface to work on. I use a 38 guage all purpose felting needle to make beads.

Next I take the end of the wool, and tightly roll it up in a little ball.

This is only about an inch of the wool roving rolled tightly into a ball. Now I take my felting need in my right hand while holding the little ball of wool in my left. I lie the little ball of wool on the sweater and start felting. This is a process of moving the needle up and down through the wool. The needle has tiny barbs on it that catch the wool on the in and out and cause it to kinda tangle all together.

I continue to wrap the little ball of wool with the remaining "tail of wool" and continue felting it to itself. Remember to hold tight, so that when you are finished you end up with a nice solid bead.

When you get to the end of the roving strip it will be all over the place!!! I just hold the little pieces back with my finger and felt slowly!!!!

Hopefully when I am all done I have a wonderfully tight felted little wool ball that will make a perfect bead!!!!

The size of bead that you end up with will depend on the type of wool you use, how tightly you hold the wool, and how much wool you use.


Joann said...

Wow you make it look so easy...mine would never look like that

kris said...

Well, girlfriend, I'm gonna do it to ya again..........tag!!! This time you need to share how you came up with your blog name, and then tag only 3 more people. You haven't posted in a while (just keepin you on your toes) and I think we would find it interesting how you chose your name. Okey doke?? Hugs!!!